CHESSSS (Fontan et al. 2013) is an open-source project that has been developed for  the Rorschach community to design and disseminate a software for the scoring and computing of the Rorschach Comprehensive System (J.E. Exner), and Supplementary Scales.


CHESSSS  is an Excel application which enables the user to:

  • Score the Rorschach CS and edit an enhanced structural summary
  • Score and compute supplementary scales: Mutuality Of Autonomy, Aggressive Contents, Rorschach Oral Dependency , Ego Impairment Index-2, R-PAS scales (TP-Comp, V-Comp, SC-Comp, Complexity)
  • Doublescore a protocol and compare codes between scoring and doublescoring
  • Compute Kappa Interrater coefficients for a set of protocols
  • Build a database for a set of protocols
  • Edit normative data
  • Edit Form Quality tables and frequencies

This solution eases the management of Rorschach data in a standard format and in a simple and efficient way. Data can be easily shared for collaborative projects.  Specific functions can be implemented quickly on demand (contact us)